St. Barnabas Episcopal Church - Falmouth, Mass.

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Walking down Main Street, you can not miss one of Falmouth’s oldest, most beautiful stone churches, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. At quick glance you may think this church is more suited to be in a Harry Potter movie than on the Main Street of this quiet town. Despite this, it has a rich and interesting history intertwined with Falmouth.

Founded in 1888 by E. Pierson Beebe and his brothers and sisters in memory of their parents; the structure was completed in June of 1890.


Behind the church is St. Barnabas house, which was dedicated in December of 1890. It was a gift from Frank Beebe in memory of his mother and two sisters. Now some may think it is "Hagrid's" home, where "Harry" and "Ron" would visit him. Actually it was originally used as the the reading room (library) for the town of Falmouth. 

Further in back is the Memorial Garden. The Garden was established to commemorate the centennial of St. Barnabas Memorial Parish. The garden has been created to receive into the earth the ashes of the faithful departed and to memorialize those interred elsewhere.

Next time you are on Main Street, take a minute to appreciate the look of this beautiful stone church and if you have some extra time, explore the grounds or come inside, the doors are always open. 


For more information on St. Barnabas or to see more beautiful pictures of the church, please visit their website here: St Barnabas Episcopal Church